By now you have heard that Rates are heading higher.  So, is it better to Wait and Hope or should you Act Now?
Most Americans in the current market are jumping on the chance, while Rates are still at historic lows.   Acting Now is likely the wisest move, since you can always Refinance to Lock in a Lower Rate if the Rates do come back down.

Lower Down Payment Options, Reduced Mortgage Insurance, shorting waiting periods after Foreclosure, Short Sale or Bankruptcy.

Life Isn't Fair.  Neither is Renting vs. Owning.  All the rules are stacked in favor of owners.  The Government is trying to get the housing market roaring again...   Claim your opportunity now for Refinance or Purchase mortgages.

FHA Reduces Premiums
If you haven't heard by now, FHA cut MI premiums 40%.  Call me now to see how much you could save.  Even with just 3.5% down!

Credit Score "FICO" Changes
New Scoring formula removes certain Collections or other negatives from being factored in.  And now, you can have your Rent added to help build Credit towards buying a home.  So many different options, why not call so you at least know YOUR options?!

3% Down Conventional Loan
That's right, now a lower down payment than FHA and no Funding Fee.  Up to $417,000 mortgage!

Don't wait, the Federal Reserve is getting ready to raise Rates.  The $$ Savings of even ½% Lower in Rate is immense so DO NOT Wait.

Many more options.  And finding out YOUR options is quick and painless.  Call or email me today.   Yes, I still can close loans in just 15 days, giving you a HUGE advantage when making an Offer to a Seller!