Things you can do to add curb appeal to #sell your #home. The improvements you make to your #home, are the ones that give the best return on your #investment come from adding curb appeal.  The return on prettifying your front yard is even better than those from a kitchen or bathroom remodel!

Thankfully not all curb appeal projects need to bust your budget in order to provide a great return on your money.  In fact, current trends suggest that smaller projects can be a better #investment than large scale remodels (thank you very much, crappy real estate market).  Even simple projects can add value to your home, and make it a prettier place to live.

1.  Paint the Front Door

Giving your front door a fresh coat of paint is an incredibly easy way to up your home’s curb appeal.  AND its ROI (return on investment) is almost always worth the short time it takes to paint the door.  

2.  Upgrade Your House Numbers

When people, especially #potential #buyers, come to your house for the first time, what are they going to be looking for?  The house number, of course!  It seems like such a small detail, but attractive house numbers can make your home stand out immediately.  You can find a wide variety of styles at your local hardware store, or you can be ambitious and make your own.

3.  Install Landscape Lighting

Soft, accent lighting makes a #home look welcoming, and it doesn’t have to be expensive to add some to your front yard.  Solar stake lights are available for a few dollars a piece, and just a few lights lining a walkway or flower bed make a difference.  For lights that will really impress, consider installing wired accent lighting.  

4.  Upgrade House Lighting

Replacing existing light fixtures like porch lights and garage lights can be pricy.  But even giving them a coat of spray paint can freshen them up and give them new life.

5.  Makeover Your Mailbox

There are so many ways to dress up a standard mailbox, from spray paint to magnetic decals, that it’s a crying shame for anyone to have a boring mailbox. 

6.  Add Hardscaping

Adding hardscaping to your front yard will require some elbow grease but pays off in curb appeal.  If you can find salvaged materials, you can save big bucks too!  


 You can give a concrete driveway a facelift with stain.  Specially designed concrete stains can protect and beautify the driveway you already have.  

9.  Plant Some Color

Add some color to the face of your #house with flowers, either in pots or in the ground.  Annuals are a cheap, but temporary, option.  Flowering shrubs and perennials will cost more out of pocket, but keep producing year after year.

10.  Keep It Clean

The easiest way to improve your #home’s curb appeal is just to maintain what you already have.  Weed your flower beds, sweep your porch, wash your windows.  It won’t cost much more than a few hours of your weekend and can make a surprising difference.

In addition to being a great way to increase your #home’s value, curb appeal tends to be contagious.  If your neighbors see you working hard in your front yard, they might get inspired to make new efforts on their own homes.  Before you know it, your whole block is prettier AND more valuable!